Esther Wilkison provides inspiration and information giving hope for learning and living.

Hi, I’m Esther,

a learner who loves to help others learn. As an independent speaker and learning coach I often get to help those who teach. I want this site to be a resource to encourage you.

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Make Learning Look Like Life

My third grade teacher did something amazing. She authorized us to pass notes in class. Not kidding. We could send and receive notes as long as we wrote in letter form with heading, greeting, body, close, and signature. We also had to put it in an envelope with the...

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Where Light Comes Through

I’m a sucker for any shop that has pottery in the window. You would believe that if you saw my living room. My decor can best be described as early American library with pottery accents. I stop in shops even though I know I don’t need more pieces. I just love looking...

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February, My Bethel

Significant life events sometimes cluster leaving some months more rich with memories than others. February is such a month for me. Both my fathers went home to heaven in February— my second father on the day of his and mom’s 25th anniversary. For years I struggled...

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Potential and a Paper Cup

As I’ve listened to thousands of parents and teachers from Honolulu to Honduras and Miami to Manilla, I’ve hear one reoccurring frustration: many students are not reaching their potential. Sometimes the concern is for a struggling student who clearly has mental...

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