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Hi, I’m Esther,

a learner who loves to help others learn. As an independent speaker and learning coach I often get to help those who teach. I want this site to be a resource to encourage you.

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Potential and a Paper Cup

As I’ve listened to thousands of parents and teachers from Honolulu to Honduras and Miami to Manilla, I’ve hear one reoccurring frustration: many students are not reaching their potential. Sometimes the concern is for a struggling student who clearly has mental...

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Learning New Tricks

We never tried to teach my dog, Roxie, to raise her paw in order to “shake hands.” She was too busy shaking her whole body. Before my sisters picked her out at the Humane Society, Roxie had more than one traumatic experience. From her tiny puppy days she was terrified...

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Becoming Creative

For three amazing summers I worked as camp lifeguard on an amazing 110 acre lake near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Because Lake Agnes is deep and filled with snow run-off, the preferred activity was not swimming but boating. Every afternoon I opened the boat house and...

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Selective Belief Disorder

Believe! That was the one-word message of many of last month's holiday movies and songs. Believe in Santa, or believe in the magic of the season, or believe romantic love will come your way, or just (spoken in dreamy voice) “Believe!” Belief, of course, is only as...

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