Esther Wilkison provides inspiration and information giving hope for learning and living.

Hi, I’m Esther,

a learner who loves to help others learn. As an independent speaker and learning coach I often get to help those who teach. I want this site to be a resource to encourage you.

What’s New on the Blog

Even In the Fire 

Guest post by Bethany Wilkison My little sister and I were playing on the swings in the backyard as we did most days since we were not old enough to go to school yet. I remember hearing a strange roaring sound then saw flames leaping up over the big hill behind our...

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Use ALL Doors: Reach ALL Learning Styles

I heard it again last week. Someone was talking about how to teach “auditory learners” as if there are people who are simply auditory and others who are visual or tactile learners. I wanted to scream.   Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t want to scream because of the...

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