Esther Wilkison provides inspiration and information giving hope for learning and living.

Hi, I’m Esther,

a learner who loves to help others learn. As an independent speaker and learning coach I often get to help those who teach. I want this site to be a resource to encourage you.

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Every Masterpiece is Nonstandard

At one past job, I was in an office with a friend whose daughter was learning pottery. There was a little shelf where my friend would keep a few of her daughter's mugs or bowls bearing small price tags. I found myself drawn to that shelf. I...

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 Thankful in Blunders

I missed my flight today. The airline was kind enough to send me updates on the delayed fight. However, both my first and second flight were delayed. I got the second flight time in my head while I was still at first airport. That is why I...

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Tune Your Radio In

This time of year I drive multiple rental cars each month. Once I’ve adjusted the seat, mirrors, and air conditioning I reach for the radio. I’ve learned something basic (but significant) about tuning a radio: if I tune into one station, I can’t tune into another at...

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