Esther Wilkison provides inspiration and information giving hope for learning and living.

Hi, I’m Esther,

a learner who loves to help others learn. As an independent speaker and learning coach I often get to help those who teach. I want this site to be a resource to encourage you.

What’s New on the Blog

 Load Up & Head Out 

Of all the crazy things I did as a classroom teacher, the end-of-year adventure field trip definitely ranks in one of the top 5 best ideas ever. First came the car trip in the extra-long International Travelall. I still remember the look at the gas station when the...

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Learning from Lemons

I have a potted lemon tree. It moved here from California like I did. I move it inside for winter since neither of us are fond of freezing temperatures. Last summer my tree had tremendous growth. Two branches grew straight up the middle, taller...

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